JOtL: This point last month…

At this point in the May challenge, all of our participants had signed up and were ready to go! Let’s take a jaunt down memory lane to see where we were a month ago…

Unblocked Writer

I will limit my TV viewing to 2 hours per day. I am currently a “tv is on if I’m home” person. This NEEDS to change if I am going to be productive in my writing.


To reduce the clutter in my balcony storage closet by at least 50%.


I spend every day wasting time watching reruns of Criminal Minds every night. I also waste time watching reruns of other shows as well, so . . . if it is a rerun, I will try to watch something on an educational channel at least once a day.


My challenge is not to eat out. No Chinese, Mexican, Thai or Pizza. I will save my money.


“I plan on calling 20 people in 20 days. I’ve never been good at picking up the phone to reconnect with friends, but now that I’m looking at my time differently, I want to maximize it to reach out to others. Even if it’s just a simple, “”I’ve been thinking about you.”” People need that sometimes.


I’m in my seventies. I’ve been slowly decluttering for years & I want to get more done. When I die, I absolutely do not want to leave my kids with a bunch of junk to deal with. (like my mama left us kids)


I have been told to slow down and stop stressing so this challenge fits perfectly. I am slowly rediscovering the world reclaiming my time and saving money by making my own food and clothes from scratch. This should be a fantastic way to encourage me seeing everyone’s progress.I have started a blog in order to try to inspire myself to keep this up.


Sorry this is a bit late. Need to management my internet time. There are several boards I visit daily and tons of research time (recipes, Burning Man, gardening, etc.) So I plan on consolidating my internet time into two blocks – one being in the morning for no more than 30 minutes & once in the eve for 60-90. I tend to jump on several times during the day, “when I have a spare moment,” but end up being on longer than anticipated.


I am going to tackle the closet under my basement stairs where I keep all of our Christmas decorations, gift wrapping supplies and several old jackets, snow pants, and scarves. This year when I stored everything after Christmas I bought a couple of new bins and had planned on putting away everything very neatly, but now I can’t open the door without Christmas spilling out onto the floor. My goal is to fit all the Christmas supplies into 4 bins, to donate 50-75% of the items on hangers, and to organize and minimize the gift wrapping supplies. My ultimate goal would be to be able to relocate everything in the closet to our storage room so that the closet could be used to store the winter jackets and snow pants that we will wear next winter.


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