Living Simply: Community

My family is my favorite community!

My family is my favorite community!

I know I’ve written about community before, but this is a topic worth revisiting. The Jump Off the Ladder challenge is a great example of the power of community in our lives. How many of us would be brave or resilient enough to make such dramatic changes in our lives if we didn’t have a team of cheerleaders and commiseraters at our backs?

So let’s celebrate community for a bit. Share a story of a time when you found strength or encouragement through your friends or family. How did it feel to discover (or rediscover) that support? Have you ever had the opportunity to be someone else’s community?


One thought on “Living Simply: Community

  1. Amanda back in 2001 we lost everything, except ourselves, in an electrical fire. The outpouring of help was astonishing. Neighbors I had never met showed up with shoes for my youngest, friends gave us a place to stay until we got into our new home. Once we began the move the donations from complete strangers was overwhelming. People would knock on my door, people I had never met before dropping things off. By the end of the first week I had to beg people to stop.
    the list of what we received is too numerous to list but we ended up with beds for each of us, dressers, living room furniture, everything we needed and then some for a fully equipped kitchen including 2 sets of table and seating for the kitchen. And towels….i had so many we had to find others to give the excess too.

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