Forest Four the Trees Blog

Forest Four the Trees is a blog about the lives of four unique individuals, two couples, who chose to embrace community and move in together.

The Teacher is, well, a teacher.  Except she is about to start graduate school at the University of Georgia, so isn’t teaching at the moment.  She also works as a barista at a coffee shop and is co-owner of TShirts&Twine with The Minimalist.  She is married to The Designer and loves him more now than when they got married, and is trying to learn to love Jesus more every day.

The Writer usually sits in front of his computer, focusing on his latest project and praying that the gods of literature smile upon him. He does believe in the cliched “write what you know”, which is why most of his work is at least partly inspired by real-life experiences, Shakespeare, Norse mythology, Doctor Who, urban fantasy, Star Wars, post-apocalyptic settings, and Neil Gaiman. The important foundations of his life consist of establishing creativity in all things, building focused, intentional relationships with those he lives with, and pursuing things that are fulfilling and not merely practical.

The Minimalist is passionate about helping people be their best. She is a lifestyle consultant and blogger, and hopes to become a certified Life Coach soon. In the meantime she’ll settle for just being certifiable. The Minimalist is married to The Writer and the two have a pet bamboo shoot. The Minimalist is pragmatic, nerdy, and sarcastic, but not many people get her sense of humor, so she often has to resort to singing instead of talking like a normal person.

The Designer is a full time, freelance designer. He is passionate about becoming more like Jesus, his amazing inspirational wife, photography, really solid design and Doctor Who. The Designer is mostly reserved and introverted. He tends to be reserved in his outward emotions and is big on growing through circumstances. Shaped by the love of an amazing God, his story is one of failure and rebirth. He tends to be a bit of an optimist and looks through of lens of wonder at life.

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