Simply Entertained

The Minimalist Bride on entertainment and food-obsessed friends.

Minimalist Bride

For Jump of the Ladder 3.0 I have an exciting new challenge: giving up paid entertainment and substituting creative entertainment. Trist and I have noticed a cycle of entertainment among our peers. Especially with Summer starting and our friends now out of school, it’s an endless cycle of meeting up at a bar for drinks or a restaurant for food and drinks. Neither of these things are particularly healthy or appealing. While we enjoy the occasional drink, 100% of the time we both feel the negative effects of 1 or 2 beers for much longer than the euphoria. We keep our bodies very clean with fresh food, tea, exercise, and lots of water so our tolerance for things like coffee and alcohol is very low and always leaves us with upset stomachs.

We also don’t understand the food obsession of our peers. Trist’s company takes the employees out to lunch…

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2 thoughts on “Simply Entertained

  1. This blog post is great! I look forward to reading about your adventures that will of course me much more rewarding than the cosmopolitan life. I live in a small town and work in a city, so often get stuck between the two worlds. The times spent gardening, cooking, walking, reading, listening to music, wherever it may be, are the best times. Life is made richer by these free small pleasures because it’s about who you’re with and how you approach it.

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