The Minimalist – Creating Order

And now that you’ve seen my living space, how about a peek at my average workday?

Forest Four the Trees

For the last 6 weeks, my husband and I have been unemployed. It was our decision, and a calculated risk. We knew that moving to Athens was the right thing for us, but the change meant walking away from all of our income. Scary stuff nowadays, no?

So we took the plunge, assuming (hoping) that we would find jobs pretty quickly once we hit the city.

*looks at watch* Aaaaaaanytime now.

Seriously though, we haven’t been super stressed about it. And therein lies the success of this experiment. Before, money was a constant source of panic for us. Debt, bills, spending, the bank account… just thinking about money used to make me break out in a cold sweat. But something about being in a situation we cannot control has cured me of that a little. I can’t apply for jobs that don’t exist. I can’t force people to hire me…

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