Welcome to the Live Simply Blog!

When I started Tshirts & Twine, it was a craft blog. Over the last several months, it has evolved into a record of my journey from typical American, chasing the “dream” to a minimalist ready to jump off the ladder. I have blogged about consumerism, food, money, bed bugs, and the attitude-behavior gap. I’ve even started a store to help fund my dreams and support some very worthy causes along the way.

I tend to blog entire series, and my topics can range pretty far. For your benefit, here’s a breakdown of each series, and some convenient links to help you dive in. (The links open into new tabs in your browser, so you won’t lose your place here.) Enjoy!

In no particular order:

That Minimalist Roommate

My adventures in a home with three non-minimalists. This series has recently moved! Check out the new and improved TMR here!

The Minimalist Wardrobe Challenge

This series began as a 20 day experiment, and became a new lifestyle. For 20 days in October I challenged myself to live on 10 items of clothing. I posted my outfits on most of the days, and I occasionally update the series with ideas on how to upcycle old clothing.

Living Simply

This is the largest series I’ve written so far, and the one that sparked my upcoming book. Living Simply is about systematically tackling the three biggest areas of my life (my possessions, my money, and my time), and weeding out the unnecessary and the cumbersome. Living Simply follows my quest for freedom.

The War in My Apartment

In this series, I chat about discovering that my apartment has bed bugs. If you’re dealing with the space invaders, and are as baffled and panicked as I was, hopefully you’ll find some helpful tips here.

Cannot Be Unseen

Responsible consumerism is a passion of mine. In this series, I address what responsible consumerism is about, and why most people don’t want to talk about it.

Necessary Evil

The money series. This one is about how we embarked on a journey to get out of debt and be free. This is another ongoing series, and one I hopefully won’t stop writing anytime soon.

Life Rules

Simple life rules I’m learning along the way.

Project of the Week, 5-Minute Decorator, Thrifty Decor, and It Just Occurred to Me

These categories encompass my love for creativity and interior decor. If you’re up for thrift-store-trash-turned-treasure, you’ll love these.


Part of my series on downsizing, this category logs my process and progress as I take on my apartment, one room at a time.

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