Things you will never hear in a Simple home:

I’m so sick of doing laundry.

I feel like washing dishes will never be completely done.

I can’t believe how much we pay for cable!

I’m spending all next week on spring cleaning.

Where are my keys?!

It took me all weekend to deep clean this house.

I forgot I owned this!

Dollar menu dinner again tonight.

I can’t wait for vacation – I haven’t relaxed in weeks.

Can you think of any I’ve missed?


7 thoughts on “Things you will never hear in a Simple home:

  1. Even in a simple household, I still struggle with the first two on you list because I have three kids. I am always searching for ways to ease those chores, but kids who lead simple lives often spend lots of time outdoors, getting dirty, needing clean clothes, and taking lots of baths, as well as making messes inside doing art and experiments and such (no paper towels here)!! And the dishes……well I won’t go there 🙂 Maybe an intense brainstorming session is needed for because I do feel swallowed by laundry and dishes some days.

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