The Minimalist – This is Not a Pipe

Forest Four the Trees

Not everything is as it seems.

This is important to remember when picking out a “kids” movie from Redbox,  reaching for the suspiciously scaly rope under your back deck, and accepting supplier relations jobs from people overseas.

I know, I know. Look, I am the world’s most paranoid internet user. I didn’t blog under my real name for years. All of my Facebook settings are on super-crazy-I-don’t-ever-want-to-meet-new-people-private. My bedroom has a doorbell. (That last one wasn’t as relevant, I guess.)

So I honestly thought I would be the last person in the entire world to fall victim to an internet scam. My new job opportunity definitely appeared to be on the level. They had a respectable looking website, a phone number that traced back to the company, and they didn’t ask for any info we’re trained to never give out online. The salary was reasonable, and the people I spoke…

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