The Minimalist – Not a lot to say

Forest Four the Trees

I’m strangely word-dry right now. I usually don’t have any problem filling up a page with my thoughts, but these last few weeks I’ve struggled with adequately articulating how I feel. Here’s a bullet-point list for you all instead:

  • I’m happy. Not just gleeful or giggly, but joyful. I’m at peace, despite numerous reasons to not be.
  • I feel like I’m fulfilling my purpose. It’s not easy or without its bumps, but I’m doing it. My current endeavors feel very, very right.
  • I’m madly in love with my husband. This new project and just generally being around each other more has been so good for us.
  • I go to bed every night exhausted in a good, I’ve-accomplished-mountains-of-awesomeness-today way.
  • I feel like I’m getting along with The Teacher and The Designer very well (for my part, at least – don’t want to assume! 😉 )
  • I’m catching up with old…

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One thought on “The Minimalist – Not a lot to say

  1. I am sooo happy for you. You have realized somethings in life some people NEVER get to experience in their lifetime! Kudos to you girl! Now, keep growing, learning, and moving forward–so much more to love around every coming corner 😉

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