Living Simply: Building a success journal

Simplifiers on the whole tend to be listmakers. Sometimes the lists are necessary to determine priorities. Sometimes they’re just helpful for seeing life in a new light. But the majority of the lists in my life have been to-do lists, or reminders. Every one of my post-its (both virtual and real) are filled with things I need to do, errands I need to run, or people I need to call.

One big idea I’ve been working on recently is that of a success journal. It’s important, as we organize and simplify, to be able to look back on our high points when the going gets tough. To that end, I’ve been keeping a list of all of my victories recently (even the accidental ones!)

Wrote a blog post today? Put it in the success journal!

Cleaned that one bathroom that never gets TLC? Success journal that bit of housekeeping awesomeness!

Snatched a fly from midair as it buzzed by your ear? Well, you get the picture.

Having a record of your amazingness can make all the difference on a day when the to-do lists are overwhelming, or you feel like you can’t get anything right.

Have you ever kept this kind of record? If you started one today, what would be your first entry?


6 thoughts on “Living Simply: Building a success journal

  1. I’ve never kept a success journal, but when I started my business I would end each day at the office thinking about the victories I had that day. I think it was a big reason my biz took off the way it did. As a friend of mine used to say – whatever you focus on grows.

  2. I’ve never kept a success journal, but I am going to start today, and my first entry will be “fill out applications for jobs!” I have had so many non-successes lately that keeping a success journal is a wonderful idea! I hope this is the first step to a job and a minimalist life for me 🙂

  3. This is such a good idea! I find all the depressing news in the world is really having an effect on my mental state, so at least this is something positive to cling to every day. Even if the world sucks today, at least I went for my swim! 🙂

  4. I really like this idea! I think I may start one myself 🙂 It’ll feel good to focus on the good over the bad like you said

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