JOtL Lite: Day One

Welcome to day one! If you forgot your morning water, go ahead and catch up as soon as you get the chance. Drinking water first thing in the morning can give you more energy, jump start your metabolism, and even help flush toxins. Try to take stock of how you feel over this next week. If you begin to notice more good benefits, let us know what they are!

Throughout the day, try to keep a running list of things you are thankful for. Tonight, feel free to make a much longer list than just three items! I bet the next time life gets you down, this new chronicle will be a great source of encouragement. 🙂


3 thoughts on “JOtL Lite: Day One

  1. Water with apple cider vinegar first thing in the morning starts my day. Today I am thankful for the cooler temperatures, a little quiet time to relax today, and to having met someone with similar interests who will be joining our community garden.

    • I’ve heard of adding apple cider vinegar, but haven’t yet had the courage to try it myself! 🙂 I’ll have to give it a shot.

      How long have you been involved in a community garden?

      • Last summer I received permission from the landlord to clear an overgrown field behind the building. I began with a seating area under some trees and then began to add a few edible plants, from there it wasn’t hard to get others to start joining in. So this is our second year with more people joining in, it’s been great.

        As for the apple cider vinegar, it’s an acquired taste, start with just a couple of drops and build up to a teaspoon or so in 16 ounces. I’ve been doing it for about a year now and I still try to talk myself out of each morning. 🙂

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