JOtL August: Day One

How did everyone do on our first day? I heard some really great ideas for different challenges. I hope you all got off to a fantastic start.

Today was a good starting day for my personal challenge, although I hope to see some specific improvements before the end of the month. I did get some work done on a wiki I’m helping to build (learning to code!), and I did a bit of writing, which I try to do every day. Jack and I ran errands, and cleaned our room (okay, so that didn’t take too long, but still….) Tonight was family time with our roommates. Community is important, and I’m glad we can have movie nights together. 🙂

I wish I’d done more reading today. I’d also like to add a workout back into my daily schedule. I feel like I did very little for a day, but my motto for this week is “do one thing at a time.” I’m trying to retrain myself to put 100% of my focus into what I deem most important, and let the lesser things fall where they may. We’ll see how this goes!

Until tomorrow!

How did day one go for you?

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