JOtL August: Day Five

Wow, talk about a perfect time to do this challenge!

Here’s what I’ve been learning during my first week of my accountability challenge:

  • Best laid plans are subject to voluntary change, and that’s not something for which I need to apologize.
  • Doing one thing at a time is not only more efficient, but it brings down the stress level.
  • The world still spins when the to-do list is not completed.
  • Worst-case-scenario is never as bad as I think it’ll be.

I wish I had the time to detail for you all every story behind these lessons, but alas, I must a-bed. Let me just say though, if you’re struggling with your own challenge this month, take heart. We’re striving for growth, not perfection. If you did anything today, you’re still moving, and you’re still growing. Be proud of any forward motion!

This month’s week one update form will be available on the weekend. Keep your eyes peeled!


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