Another Look at Plastic-Free July: Traveling

Can we have Plastic-Free September? These are some amazing Plastic-Free July ideas from our very own Hoarder Comes Clean!

Hoarder Comes Clean

Plastic-Free July is a concept that started a few years ago in Australia. (You can read my previous Plastic-Free post here)

I knew I’d be traveling this summer, so before I even started Plastic-Free July, I thought about my two main challenges: produce and coffee.

I already use canvas shopping bags for toting purchases from the farmers’ market and the grocery store, so it’s no trouble to keep one in my suitcase; I usually do that anyway. But I often end up using the plastic produce bags at the stores. I decided to take some old ones along for reuse, and that worked, most of the time.

When I got home, I went shopping and found these cotton produce bags.

I can use and reuse these. Of course the best option would be to plant a garden, but I don’t have the space, the light, or the dirt for…

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One thought on “Another Look at Plastic-Free July: Traveling

  1. Of course you can have a plastic-free September! Go for it! It’s such an eye-opening challenge and once you try it you’ll never see plastic (or any trash) in the same way again. I joined Plastic Free July in 2012 and I’ve never looked back. How could I go back?! Every month is a plastic- free month for me : )

    If you get the chance, watch the movie Bag It! That was a life-changing movie for me, and I recommend it to everyone. Try to seek it out!

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