Overdoing it, and an awkward addition to the sidebar.

Just a little signal boost!
Don’t worry – I promise not to make myself a nuisance. 🙂

the spark collector


Today was the UGA vs LSU game, so needless to say my town was a biiiit rowdy. Thankfully, no one comes to the climbing gym on home game days, so we had the place almost entirely to ourselves most of the afternoon. Since I’m pretty self-conscious about my abilities on the silk, I prefer to train when no one is around, which meant I definitely overdid it today. I spent a cumulative 3 or so hours climbing and playing with new poses. After a week or so away from the gym, I feel pretty sore, but happy too. I couldn’t get enough of my favorite workout.

I’m at a point with this new project where I need to look into real training with an actual aerial coach. It’s far too easy to make mistakes as a beginner that cause accidents or bad habits. A local gym (not mine) offers six-week…

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