Amanda ("Molly")

I quit my job. Mostly because I hated it. I started looking around at people who actually liked what they did for a living, and I realized that I’m not getting any younger.


About me:

My name isn’t really Molly. It’s Amanda, but I wrote initially as Molly out of fear of all the internet creepers, and to switch all of my posts to the new name would be confusing, so there you go.

I’m a crafter, baker, musician, writer, actress, and now a small business owner. I love to create, in whatever form, with whatever medium. I live in the southeastern U.S. with my husband and love to drive around in my tiny Toyota Yaris and visit all my friends in nearby states as often as possible. My passions include raising awareness and fighting social injustice, and helping people to live simpler lives.


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