Welcome to my badges page! I have to admit, I love having these all on one place. Besides quieting my OCD a little, this page is a beautiful pick-me-up when I’m struggling as a blogger. Just being reminded of the wonderful friends I’ve made and stories I’ve gotten to hear is a great boost. I hope you enjoy getting to know these fantastic people as much as I have!

For those of you who don’t know about the blogging award system, here’s a crash course:

Blogging awards are peer-to-peer, and function a little like a chain letter. Usually, a nomination is bestowed on a blog by someone who has already won the award. The nominated blogger then has a few basic steps to take in order to accept the award. These steps generally include posting interesting tidbits about yourself, answering questions posed by your nominators, and nominating other bloggers.

Here on The Live Simply Blog, I do things a tiny bit differently. (Surprise, surprise!) Instead of continuing to accept each award with an individual post, I’ll collect my awards on this page. Here you can find information about each badge, and be introduced to my wonderful nominators. I hope you have the chance to check out each amazing blog! At the bottom of the page you’ll find my “interesting facts about Amanda” bit. The final criteria for accepting awards is to nominate a certain number of other blogs for the award. Rather than bestow the award nominations all at once, I’ll reserve the right to distribute them over time. This will allow me to more carefully select which blogs I feel represent the values presented in each award. 🙂

So, without further ado:

freshly-pressed-circleI was absolutely blown away to discover that my post Living Simply: what we leave behind had been Freshly Pressed! I’m truly grateful to have received such recognition by the editors of WordPress, and the sweet, encouraging response from my readers was astounding. I’m so blessed. 🙂

BeautifulBloggerAward-The Beautiful Blogger Award is exactly what it sounds like! This award is given to a blog that the nominator feels exhibits a unique beauty.

My nominators:

Momma Lucas – Momma Lucas and her family make me smile. She, along with her husband and five kids are on a journey toward a simple but full life. I love reading about their homeschooling antics, hearing about her new recipes, and seeing pictures of this lovely family!

Timid Voice from Never Said Before – Timid Voice is not as timid as she may think! Her fresh and honest perspectives are so inspiring. She isn’t afraid to speak her mind and let her readers in. She says she’s afraid she’ll never be a great writer because she struggles to be honest. I think her blog proves her wrong.

liebster2The Liebster Blog Award is a badge given to a blog with 200 followers or fewer. Liebster in German means “Beloved” and I think that sums up this award very nicely! The point of the Liebster Award is to help bloggers find new blogs to follow.

My nominators:

Little Bird’s Dad – Little Bird’s Dad blogs about his life, his family, and his particular perspective of a often-misunderstood demographic. By turns funny, heart wrenching, and enlightening, his blog is an engaging chronicle of his life with a beautiful Little Bird. I love reading his blog, and I’m thankful he has enjoyed mine.

Minimalist Bride – Alyssa is on a journey to create a gorgeous, simple wedding. Her posts are radical and unique. She challenges the typical consumerism in the wedding industry, and compiles beautiful ways to have a minimalist wedding. I’ve loved following her progress, and can’t wait to see pictures of her big day!

SunshineAwardThe Sunshine Award is usually awarded to a blog that brightens the nominator’s day!

My nominator:

To Fethiye and Beyond – Sian is a true inspiration! She has made some amazing progress in downsizing her life, even getting out of debt, to pursue her dream of moving to Turkey. She hopes to spread the joy of simplicity everywhere she goes, and I can definitely say she has succeeded so far.

very-inspiring-blogger-award-blue11The Very Inspiring Blogger Award is a badge given to a blogger who has changed the life of the nominator in some way.

My nominator:

Jessica from Shadowed in Moonlight – Jessica is an amazingly talented writer. She loves animals (especially wolves) and enjoys demonstrating her love through her poetry and flash fiction. If you want beautiful poetry, captivating fantasy, and unique creativity, this blog is the place to be. Jessica has a real gift, and I look forward to seeing where it takes her!

Miss Scarlett Teaches and Learns – Scarlett is a beautiful, engaging writer who isn’t afraid of the messy bits of life! Nothing – from finances to Zumba – is off limits for this gal. Her clear perspectives and determination to be a positive influence shine out in every one of her posts! – Reading this beautiful blog is like eating the richest chocolate cake: you have to go slowly and enjoy everything in little bites, but it’s 100% worth it! Reading through Crystal Thinker’s archives, I found myself stopping every few posts to think through what I’d read. If you’re after real, honest introspection and a challenge of “typical” thinking, this blog is the place to find it!


Lim See Min (the Extraordinary Girl): Talk about a girl who marches to the beat of her own drum! Lim See Min doesn’t apologize for who she is, but expects people to accept and respect her that way! I’ve loved perusing her blog and reading her thoughts on independence, being, and beauty.

A few bits about me:

  • I can wiggle my ears.
  • I love snakes, and aim to have one for a pet very soon – probably a python.


    This is me, on the happiest day of my life.

  • I’ve played classical piano since I was 5, and taught for several years. My digital piano is the only piece of furniture that will move with me at the end of this month.
  • I love film. I had a small part in an independent film a little while ago, and I worked on the 3D conversion of a fairly popular movie. I’m currently co-writing and producing a couple of web series projects with my Dude.
  • Cheez-Its are my guilty pleasure food, which is unfortunate, as I recently went gluten-free.
  • My mother is my idol, but it took me 18 years to figure it out.
  • I can’t stand long facial hair on men. Neatly trimmed, 1/2″ long beards? Sure. Any longer, and I get grossed out.
  • I have 4 younger siblings, and every one of them is better looking than I am. Most of them are taller than I am, too. No bitterness, I promise! 😉
  • I refuse to take a side in the Mac/PC debate (and not just because I love Linux.)
  • I love coffee. Lovelovelovelovelovelovelove. I once tried to quit, and made it all the way through the difficult and miserable two-week-long withdrawal. The day after my victory, I got a call from the manager at my local Starbucks, offering me a job. The rest was delicious, highly-caffeinated history.
  • I’m hilarious when there’s no one but my husband around to see. One day I’ll start recording myself  round-the-clock so I have proof of this.

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