Welcome to Tshirts & Twine!

Dear amazing internet-surfing person,photo

Welcome to The Live Simply Community! I really can’t express how happy I am that you’re here.

If you’ve been a part of the community for a while, you’ll notice some cool changes to our site (well, I think they’re cool.) Don’t worry – everything is still here! The menu at the top of the page will help you get around. And be on the lookout for some announcements this summer… I have big things planned!

And if you’re new, I hope you’ll find our little family to be a welcoming one. Be sure to read the comments in the Live Simply Blog to get to know some of the best bloggers around!

If you need anything during your stay, my contact info is at the bottom of this page, and in the left sidebar on the rest of the site. I love to meet new people, so please don’t be shy.


Amanda Gregory

Editor/Content Creator

P.S. Here are a few things to check out while you’re here:


From candles to dish soap, from headbands to aprons, the Tshirts & Twine store is where you’ll find all things handmade and eco-friendly. Check us out!


The Live Simply Blog is where the magic happens! Click here (or use the handy “Blog” link at the top) for the latest on simplicity, minimalism, and general happiness. And sometimes stickers. Stickers happen here.


Once a month, the Live Simply Community jumps off the ladder – and has a fantastic time doing it! If you’re hankering for dramatic life change, but don’t know where to start, let us be your cheerleaders! Check out the Jump Off the Ladder Philosophy here. And here is some info on the rules and incentives. Have fun gettin’ your challenge on!


Once upon a time, two married couples decided to embrace community and share a house. (Hint: that’s me and my roomies!) Find our story here.


One thought on “Welcome to Tshirts & Twine!

  1. Hey it’s Kat from bourbontea here. I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award as I think you’re so inspiring. Please can you let me know your email or contact me on teamairedale@gmail.com as I can’t get your link on here to work for some reason. Then I can email you the 11 questions as part of the award 🙂 Have a great week and thank you for your words. Kat x

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